Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hodge Podge

This is more of an administrative post than anything else. I am going to cover the Stavish technique I am using, some life changes, how I will record dreams in this space and a reference to my previous Affirmations post.


Right now I am doing two things from the Stavish book. The first is a purification meditation. This involves seeing above you the sun on your right, the moon on your left with the downward apex of their triangle at the top of your head. The resulting energy is purifying, according to the author. After what I've just been through, it feels very clean.

The odd part is that when I do this I see this cool transformative white fire within me. I enjoy the sight of it.

The second part is visualizing an indigo ball at the nape of the neck. Then seeing particular symbols in front of you according to what stage one is in. This part is to facilitate lucid dreaming.

This has created the dreams recently reported.


Speaking of which, last night I dreamed of a cow. I only remember seeing the cow. I have no idea what
this means nor do I care.

Dream Posting

From now on, I will do my best to put all dream reports at the bottom of the post. A lot of people don't like reading about dreams. However, given I am back on a lucid dreaming kick, I feel I should report on them. They will also be labeled as Dream and then the night. So the dream I have on a Sunday night will be labelled Dream - Sun/Mon. If I have one on Monday it will be labeled as Dream - Mon/Tues. My diligent readers are welcome to point out patterns that I may be missing.

Minor Changes

This seems small thing but a big thing. I am enjoying coming home at night. I am looking forward to writing the meditation book and some fiction. I am enjoying all the exercise I am getting. I also feel a lot better eating organic foods.

Affirmations Post

I saw a good take on affirmations on another blog. I thought I'd link it here for those of you interested in affirmations. I wish I added this take to my previous words.

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