Thursday, January 26, 2012

Qabala: My Perception of Soul Structure Part I

Given my emphasis on the manifestation meditation (MM), I've been using the word Neschemah a lot. This is one of the qabalistic divisions of the soul. There are other parts, Yechidah, Chiah, Greater Neschemah, Ruach, Nephesh, G'uph and the Automatic Personality. Perhaps that last one isn't orthodox. These are qabalistically accepted terms. Of course, I am not a scholar. I am a doer. Therefore, my experience with them may be different from what is generally accepted. I welcome corrections from the qabalistically educated.

The first thing you need in order to get an idea of this, is the glyph of the tree of life. Fortunately, for you, I have generously included a little picture for you that has been numbered for your convenience.

Sephira 1 (at the top) is Keter, the Crown. Attributed to it is the Yechidah. This can be translated as uniqueness. This is the part of you that is your divine spark and is a direct connect to "God". This is the most primally divine part of you  and was created as close to 'creation' as can be. It is so archetypal as to be vague and beyond real comprehension.

Sephira 2, Chockmah, Wisdom is assocated with the part of the soul called the Chiah or life force. This is male, fire and so close to creation we just cannot comprehend it either. This is a copy of of Keter in way. The Macrocosmic schtick is this was created so God could see its reflection in order to figure out what It is. Why "God" needs to know this is anyone's guess. In the microcosm, that desire (fire) to be understand ourselves and our place in the Universe and the Divine seems to come from here.

Sephira 3, is Binah, Understanding. If Chockmah is all that God is, this is what god is not. Chockmah is water, female. This is what connects us to all things in the universe. This part of the soul is the Neschemah. This is where real very deep intuition comes from. It is the mother's bond with the child. We can begin to comprehend this part of ourselves.

All three of them together, is the Greater Neschemah, the divine immortal part of your soul. This part is the only part of you that actually survives all phases of death and remembers the core lessons of all lifetimes. Drawing this down into the manifest world, in a real tangible way, is the work of the Manifestation Meditation. Clearly, I set my goals way too low.

The Ruach is composed of Sephiroth 4 through 9. I am not going to go into each one of them. This is your personality, it is planetary in form, and it is air, male. Is should be noted that the sephira 6, Tipereth, is the balance point and associated with the sun. (see references to the sun room in recent posts). It should also be noted that the first three sephira, 1, 2 and 3, when added, equal 6. This makes Tipereth the seat of the Greater Neschemah.

The ninth sphere is called Yesod, foundation. This is the home of a very problematic part of the soul called the Nephesch. This is the flight and flight instinct as well as the reproductive drive. It is airy, male and lunar. This causes all sorts of problems as it confuses normal things for life and death situations. Think of a cat startled by a book dropping to the floor about all the way across the room and bolting as if the sky was falling. This is your nephesch. Now add sex into the mix. BOOM!

The automatic personality, is composed of sephiroth seven through 10 and is elemental. This is the part of us that reacts to the programming and pain in our lives. It is ruled by the Nephesch, which interprets so much as life threatening (fear) or life continuing (sex) which in this context is really fear of death or irrelevance. Most people live here. The thoughts we have where we pretend to make rational decisions and then act are masks. They give us the illusion a better part of us is in control. Rationalization is the bane of us all.

The tenth sphere is the physical body, earthy. The part of the soul is the G'uph.

The trick of the manifestation meditation is to get all these parts of the soul lined up like a tumbler in a lock so the Greater Neschemah can manifest all the way down here. It is for this reason that it must first heal all those things that keep ourselves out of alignment before it can do the greatest of its work.

A great deal of that process, has been documented in this space.

Part II will deal with how I put these together as a personal view of the soul's operation in our lives, in accordance with the Manifestation Meditation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interesting post and clear explanation.

Yechidah comes from the root Yachad, meaning together or united. So in soul terms it means the bit that conceptually is united with the Infinite source of creation.

Chayah, from the root Chai, means life and my understanding is the same as your post - where you have described it as life force.

Guph, to my knowledge, means body - your flesh and blood. Please note that I too am not a scholar (and not much of a practitioner).

nutty professor said...

Sigh. Sometimes cosmologies make it harder than it should be. Sometimes a body is just a body.

It is all Greek to me, sorry. (Hebrew, rather.)

I have never been able to adopt the Qabala system, try as I might, it is not for me.

Will I still be able to do your meditation? I hope it is universalistic.
Thank you for the explanation.

Robert said...

I believe so. Assuming you can buy into the idea that we have a soul connected to the ultimate source (or something so big it may as well be) that we often are either disconnected from or fail to perceive. Also, that this level of the soul can directly impact your life for the purpose of providing divine abundance and spiritual lessons.