Sunday, January 15, 2012

Learning Curve

The Manifestation Meditation (MM) should work on its own. All I have to do is ask my Neschemah (Highest Soul) to manifest in my life. It will bring with it what It and I need. I have complete faith in this. For me, it is factual.

So, I was thinking doing any other form of magick would be completely unnecessary. The error behind that thinking is that it doesn't work by analogy. If that was true then I wouldn't have to actively participate in anything at all. This is not how life works.

The difference is that i know what I am supposed to know and I know what I am supposed to do. I am supposed to get this book out about this meditation. However, inspiration hasn't struck nor has motivation. It looks like I will be doing some magick to make that happen.

1 comment:

Ila said...

Stop procrastinating and go it. You now have your orders, get hopping ;).

Said that just in case it might work. Procrastination is one of my problems too. I tend to find so many computer related things todo instead of what I need to do.