Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Others Doing the Manifestation Meditation

I have offered the text and VERY basic Manifestation Meditation training to three people. One is My Gal, my ex-girlfriend. Another is one of my Helpful Deity (Greek Magick) partners that I refer to as The Witch. The third is a loyal reader of this space.

The Witch is hesitating due to health reasons and will start in a month or two. The reader hasn't been sent the material yet.

My Gal asked for something special. She has a little baby that I call Copi, short for Copernicus, a name I "try" to convince all pregnant women to name their child. She feared the doing the manifestation meditation would be the equivalent of taking the adept oath. She became quite concerned that the initiatory fallout may have adverse impact on her being able to take care of her child. Unfortunately, what she really needs is a job to take care of that very child. I modified the MM to that practical end.

She has only been doing it for a few days. Today, she received very good news that will aid her in getting that job. Frankly, I cannot claim that is the result of the meditation. Things were in the works before she started. However, I have a long standing yarn, "There are no coincidences in magick." I have added what I call Robert's Addendum, "Though, we may misinterpret their meaning." Was this a result of the MM or merely Universally timed to be encouraging?

My Gal did report that whenever she does the MM the music of the spheres enter her head so loudly that the song drowns out all her thoughts. This can be nothing but a good and very positive sign. I expect to hear more reports from her and others.

The reader may ask if this positive report could be apocryphal. Would she tell me what I want to hear? She may. Even though she is an ex, we were are friends and she loves me in that capacity. She may say something to make me feel good. However, she normally doesn't and I don't think she'd make something up regarding a spiritual matter.

Were I a reader, I would be marginally skeptical. However, given I am not a reader but a writer and apparently growing into a teacher of sorts, I am not.

Stavish Work

The Stavish exercise involves a couple of steps. The first is meditating on an orb at the back of the head and seeing oneself within that space. Of course, that is simplified a bit. The second step is picturing a symbol of an element near you as you sleep. I have worked through the first three elements and am now on fire. The first time I did this, I dreamed of a fire. I beat it with a shirt to put it out.

I suppose this is a good thing as the work I am doing is showing up so directly in dreams. I suppose this is also a challenge considering I was trying to put out the fire. Is this a fear of my own will and creativity? I don't know.


Anonymous said...

You should tag these posts "Manifestation Meditation," so new readers can find them. :)

Robert said...

you are correct. i will work on that.

Robert said...

All posts directly referencing the meditation in January and February have been so marked. It was was a good exercise. I hadn't realized how recently I returned to that meditation.

Thank you for the suggestion.