Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Progress on Two Fronts

Stavish Progress

I have been eating nothing but organic foods. This is allowing me to nibble as I work and gives me my lunch hour to meditate. Okay, sometimes I take a quick cat nap but most days, I meditate.

Today, I realized in the middle of my meditation, that I was holding my arms out. If I was standing, I would have formed a T. Doing this with your eyes closed at work can get people talking. Fortunately, my physical arms were right where I left them. I realized my astral arms were in that outstretched position. I touched the back of my physical hands and I felt a physical tingle. I felt my closed door with the palms of my hands and I felt my palms physically tingle. So, I felt up my office for a while. This is a very good sign of growing astral ability.

Manifestation Meditation

Somewhere in 2008, I blogged about astral projecting from a dream into my physical house. I walked down my hallway, met the goetic spirit Bune and looked over his shoulder to see my temple room. The white light coming out of there was so bright that I could not look at it.

When I visit my astral temple of Malkuth, a house built on prayer, I can only get in so far before the bright light whisks me up to the sun room, which is an entirely different building. Today, I during the MM, I made the connection between those two things. The whole process is comprised of prayer and aspiration.


Tonight, I did the MM again. I was given my test of humility. Great. Joy.


I will post more on the Greater Neschemah. In order to cover it well, it will be a lengthy post. I will get to it as it will help my define my ever-changing ontology.

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