Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Manifestation Meditation Scores Big

I traveled to Bakersfield this weekend for the first time in quite sometime. I was so warmly greeted by great friends. It is good to be loved.

There was some fear going in. I was expected to see an ex that I had fallen so deeply in love with and possibly her new beau Saturday night. Before arriving at the ritual site, I did the Manifestation Meditation asking that whatever happens manifest exactly as I need it. When you do this meditation, you have to be willing to accept the painful gifts along with the the joyous gifts. I was fearful of the painful gift I was about to receive. I hoped, in my selfishness, that this first time back, she would not be there. The future was fine but this time, I hoped not.

It turned out, they were not there. I thought that was the gift. It was not.

Sometime over the weekend, there was a conversation. I heard what I needed to hear. Those that practice magick understand the difference between asking for what you need and asking for the truth. In this case, one hopes they are the same but you never really know. Regardless, I got what I needed. There was some healing in that conversation, more than some. A lot of things clicked into place in a less difficult way. Immediately afterwards, there was a test. I passed.

Every time I turn around, this meditation has impact on my life in long-term positive ways. I haven't posted all of them. I cannot wait to finish this book and share this with others.


Saturday night's ritual held by my friend the Druid was awesome. Not only has his magick improved a great deal, which is great to see but one of his student's impressed me was well. Still, that was not the great part. The ritual was about healing. Person after person went to the fire, made a offering and prayed. Ninety-percent of the people were praying for someone else. In some cases, people the didn't know. That was awesome!

It was also cool to hear someone say a pray for a group of people that helped her and knowing part of her prayer was for me.

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