Thursday, June 10, 2010


Twice in as many weeks someone has called me witch. Is this the Helpful Deity's influence in my life being reflected back? The work with HD is certainly not ceremonial magick. Is this a coincidence? Perhaps it is following Jason Miller's perspective and being comfortable in both realms. I don't know.

I am SERIOUSLY stuck on his course. He hit one topic and my brain utterly rejected it. I haven't been able to go back since. It would be beyond irritating, if I wasn't having so much from with HD.

Request for Input:

I recently posted a tab called About Frater POS. I am going to steal a page from Jack Faust and ask readers to comment. If someone new came to this space and read it, would that information be helpful to them? Should there be something else up for new readers to provide a more in depth look as to what this blog is about? If so, what?


Jason Miller, said...

Whats the lesson that you utterly rejected?

HilbertAstronaut said...

i found the bio useful. It's quite personal, but none of the personal things seem unnecessary. It's nice to see all the things that appear piecewise in your posts in a single place, in chronological order.

Anonymous said...

Some people just like throwing the W word around because that is what accusers do, and it stops the studious in their tracks for a moment. It works to offend, which is the intent. You have your influencing counselors and so do the accusers, even if they are not aware of the presence that drives them to say witch.

Frater POS said...

Anonymous, I'm not sure I follow?