Thursday, June 17, 2010


So today, I sat and wondered if the helpful deity was really the deity I think it is. I have nothing to say it isn't. However, I do tend to examine things. With a few exceptions, I'm a pretty cautious magician.

So, as I pondered this, something popped up on Facebook that caused me to click and there was an immediate set of images confirming what I saw last night. I immediately thought, "Confirmation!" But then I think, let us say there is a spirit that can masquerade as what I believe HD is, couldn't that spirit cause the same thing to occur? If a spirit is trying to fool you, how far will it go? How far can it go?

Happy Cthulu dreams everyone.


Patrick said...

Spirits are made of symbols. No spirit can be inconsistent with the symbols that make it up any more than we can casually violate the laws of physics that govern the structures of our bodies. A spirit of Venus cannot abide a symbol of Mars. So confront the HD with the symbol you prefer of the highest concept of divinity that you hold. If it is truly a divine spirit, it will thrive in the presence of that symbol. Crowley used to demand that spirits tell him the word of the Law. If they said something consistent with Thelema, he accepted it. Renaissance magicians would require the spirit to swear on the name of Jesus. You could use whatever divine name seems most appropriate to you.

simon said...

Why are you questioning it? Haven't you been in love with this spirit? You have not wrote about any bad experiences, only realizations. Maybe its just how relationships go.