Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting Astral -- Finally

Apparently, I have my new partner as addicted to doing magick as I am. She's always been witchy and always done personal rites but not with great frequency. Now, after working with the Helpful Deity, she is really gung ho for getting between the worlds as she calls it.

We really don't think moving up the frequency of interactions with the Helpful Deity is wise. Biweekly is quite enough. So, we decided to do some ceremonial magick. The goal was slightly different for each of us. Yes yes I know that is technically a bad idea. My goals was to astral project. Hers was to see more clearly on the astral and have a greater understanding of her visions.

Saturday night, we did a pretty basic CM, banishing, first degree opening, some blah blah blah, open this, close that and called upon the GD planetary hierarchy of Luna. The cool part was that at each and every call was responded to in a palpable way. The Universe responded in grand fashion.

Once the spirit of the planet was there, I 'prayed' to it for her goals and she did the same for mine. My goal was of course to astral project. Hers was to gain more intense visions and be able to interpret them better. I thought it likely that she'd be able to astral project and advised her if she did, she could feel free to encourage me to pop out myself.

We sat in chairs to the east of the temple as far away from each other as possible. This was in case I projected straight out towards her. I assumed I'd be like a kid on bike, all energy and no control.

At first, I tried to project into the temple room. This succeeded in the usual way. In short, it didn't work. Then I noticed a white step pyramid on my head. As a card carrying member of the funny hat club, this one took the cake. Then I noticed a figure climbing up the pyramid and that figure was me. Upon reaching the top, I made a sign of air.

I found myself surrounded by a tropical forest. I looked down upon it from my position on the pryamid. For some reason, it reminded me of Brazil. No, I've never been there. What struck me was the amount of green. As I entered the forest, individual leaves were clearly visible. I moved into a small meadow. The Helpful Deity appeared. It didn't walk out of the foliage. It didn't fade in like some cheesy Power Point presentation. It didn't appear in a puff of smoke. There was a form of movement from not seen to seen but I can't describe it.

I barely saw the deity because It appeared with a familiar symbol and I focused on that. I am sure that was HD's intent. That symbol turned into an animal of a rather fierce nature. I asked It was the animal was and It said, "Does it not make sense that in this environment, this would be my animal?" It made a lot of sense. "I am showing you that I can protect you anywhere." This too made sense within the context of previous discussions.

It was then I saw movement. At the same time I heard an external voice say, "There is a goddess in the forest." The movement was a white horse. My first thought was Dianna. Why? I have no clue. The horse moved as if it was trying to rid itself of a rider. Though, I never saw a rider. I could only see parts of it as it was obscured by all the plant life. I saw a head in a peculiar position. It was running forward but the head was low and its neck turned so it nearly looked behind itself. Later, I'd just see the hind end or a flank as I chased it through the forest. Eventually, I rode the white horse. It is symbolic of course.

In the midst of all that, my partner had projected and was encouraging me to go with her. I could feel this and focused back upon the temple space. She said that she saw all sorts of silver threads and a tall handsome man waiting for me on the astral. The man apparently is patiently waiting for me to break loose up there as he has things to show me. I am taking a neutral position on that. No, she did not ask a name.

Eventually, I gave up trying to go with her and went back to where I was. During this time, I saw the figure in the Star card.

The figure wore the bright yellow star in this image more like a crown. It may have been behind it as the image was crude, unmoving (physically) but very moving emotionally. At the time, it was an odd image. It looked much more like the crude images I've encountered in GD initiations rather than the awesome art of Lady Frieda Harris.

I moved toward the image and became the figure. The spiritual waters moved through me. Then I was astrally in my backyard and the water poured out upon the aloe vera plant. My Gal will be delighted to read that. There is no doubt in my mind I was in my back yard. My vision was as clear as it would have been had I stood their physically.

I moved back to the astral place where the Star resides and became the figure again. I then decided it was time to return to a normal state.

In the meantime, my partner was exiting and returning to her body quite frequently. She never left the temple. However, she could have. In the west, there was a forest.

It took me a while to figure out why I found myself in a Netzach-like realm. Part of me says I was more in a sphere of planetary Venus but the Star indicates I was on the path to Netzach at some level. In short, I'm not sure if I was in Netzach or Venus. I will figure such things out with more experience. Regardless, I know the reason. As part of her prayer for me, my partner mentioned the word "desire". That lands you pretty squarely in Venus/Netzach.

So, I have now had my first definite waking astral projection experience.

As many of you know, I've pushed for this for some time with no success. How did I make it this time? I took Jason Miller's class. Through that, I made an offering to a particular initiatory spirit of the GD tradition. Do you remember all those yellow flower offerings? That spirit introduced me to the Helpful Deity. That deity told me I was being a bit lazy regarding astral projection and I had all the tech I needed. My partner, also the result of Jason's course, balanced my temple space out enough to make it work. 

In many ways I feel I failed Jason's course as I can't get myself to read more. However, this is a big pass as this was the first goal I told him I wanted to learn from it. This I did, even though I used none of his direct projection technique.


Karmaghna said...

Congratulations Frater POS. Maybe some day, when I too learn to fly, you can show me around the astral plane.

Gwynt-Siarad said...

Thank you for posting this. I learned a lot from it. It finaly confirmed for me, that what you CM's call astral projection, I call spirit-walk or journy. I had wondered for a long time if it was the same thing or some thing different.