Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finally, Some Fun

I am finally starting to appreciate the magickal life I live. Yes, the personal alchemy has been tough. Yes, some things have been traumatic. Yes, I haven't advanced as a human or a magician as far as I'd have liked to this point but damn this is fun.

At this point, I have a working partner for the HD. I have friends I can go to for advice. I have some really top notch adepts to consult with and I am finally out of my own way. The book is beginning to get worked on again.  Not to mention, this blog seems to be working out well. I love to write it, folks are enjoying it and I get to learn from the comments.

I am privileged enough to help out a few folks from my non-blog life that are newer to the path. 

Magickally speaking, this is an exciting time for me.

While this sounds like a non-magickal fluffy little post, it really about results. I've never really appreciated all the blessings and good fortune I've had. I've never really enjoyed them. Now, I can. I am not sure if this is the HD bringing joy again or simply who I always was underneath the obsession. At this point, I don't really care. This is fun.


Anonymous said...

Finally not to care! Just re-read this post of yours again when you get back into the doubting cycle. Haha

george said...

Fun in the magical life is a big is fraught with hurdles for me as well. It is really taxing when you just can't shake off the idea of using magic to "fix" yourself, or in some situations simply realizing that you've been doing it for starters - your whole practice gets severely tinted and attrition ensues. All you think of is "gotta fix this, and that and the other".

Your posts have been strangely synced to some of my own issues as well.
I'm really glad that you seem to have found the way through, or became the way through.

It means that there is one, and that other people can do it :-)

brother george
I can't hide the fact that I'm

Frater POS said...

@George, it makes my day when folks tell me that this blog helps them in any small way. Yes there is a way through the thicket of our lives.