Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Reader Simon Kangiser is quite the artist. We started corresponding when I learned he is a local boy that moved away. I've been checking out his art. Frankly, at first blush I don't like it but when I just take a moment to look at it, I love it. Unlike classic Renaissance art, I can't figure out why I like it, which makes me like it even more. Is it color? Is it composition? Who knows?

He says he often paints his visions of spirits and the like.

I'd post my favorites but I can't copy them to do so. Check him out at

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simon said...

Thanks for posting about the site! Glad you enjoy the pix. I have a new idea for a body of work brought on by phrases drummed up by an evocation of Bune. It will be a bit before these are fleshed out because it seems the phrases relate to lessons people are learning in this blogging circle as of current. Ill share when Ive done some new stuff!