Friday, June 25, 2010

A Shove from HD

Some time ago, I posted about using some simple mental/energy magick to accomplish a financial goal. I used the of pentacles to shift my focus from spending frivolously to focusing on paying off my car. I made a few extra payments and then things fizzled.

I think it was at the first appearance of the Helpful Deity that I was reminded of this act of magick and it regained momentum. I am happy to say that I've exercised discipline and my car will be paid off with the next tax refund. That makes it about 18 months early.

After purchasing a new garage door, I will focus on a boosting my savings to the desired level. Once I achieve that, which should take about six months, I will begin focussing on paying off the house. That will take longer.

I've noticed that since a visit to my mentor last weekend, I've been munch more determined. I can see some friends eye's rolling now. You? More determined? Look out. No one wants a more determined Leo. Yes, but this is more an internal and calm determination to handle some things I ought to have a handle on by now.  Several times this week I could have been very frustrated with things. I didn't even notice. People had to point out I wasn't frustrated when they expected me to be.

That is a very very good sign.


Anonymous said...

LOL You sure have a lot of support from your HD. What about the HGA, isn't it feeling jealous? loool

Frater POS said...

I don't think HGA's get jealous. Though, I have been calling upon him to help with the Stavish exercises of purification.

I feel all this work with HD is a bit odd for me but what the heck? I've seen no harm to it, yet.