Monday, June 14, 2010

Holy Union

Last Saturday night, I attended the wedding of The Druid and his lovely bride.

These are two good people. His mother described him as the wise warrior. I've never seen him in warrior mode. I've only seen the man of compassion. Marluna on the other hand is a kind hearted soul, with a backbone of steal! I can easily picture her a warrior.

Their wedding was perhaps the most awesome and inspiring pagan event I've ever attended. The ritual itself was beautifully done and officiated. The circle, which was open, was filled with palpable love. The priestess not only performed professionally but transcended deeply to the personal as only a friend can do. Marluna's self-penned vows were so moving that I almost shoved her out of the way and married the Druid myself.

The ritual was so full of respectful love that it took everything this hard ass Leo had in me to keep from bawling like a baby. Then they simply tore your heart out by making pledges to each other's birth children.

Then the emotions really kicked in.

Derek started a round of "hails" in which he praised Marluna, his parents and the priestess. After each section we'd all shout "HAIL!" to show our approval of the words spoken. Any couple that has so many people stand and speak about them with such heartfelt love is doing something right.  I don't think anyone spoke without a tear in their eye.

The Druid and his bride exemplify what true respectful love is all about. In doing so, they honor the gods.

After the traditional first dance, Marluna danced with her birth daughter and sung along with the music about the joys of being her mother. I have never seen a more touching parental moment.

The ceremony was purely neopagan. The toasts or hails certainly gave the after party a pagan feel as well. The laughter, the tears, the love were so overwhelming that words fail to describe such joy. This was the Druid's and Marluna's joy which they continually share with all of us.

Naturally, some non pagans attended. No one could have witnessed that event and left with an ill feeling or a doubt as to the beauty to be found within the neopagan community. They made me proud to call myself pagan and honor me with their friendship.


Gwynt-Siarad said...

Thank you for your Kind words. It is Marluna and I that were honored. You traveled far to share this special day with us. Thank you for your time, for your friendship, and mostly thank you for just being you.

d a r k c h i l d e said...

Gave me goosebumps!!! I love me a good old inspired authentic wedding ritual.

Many many blessings.