Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Compare and Contrast My HGA to the HD

question: I was just wondering if you would compare and contrast your HGA with your HD. For instance, I would be interested in learning if initial contact with both was initiated via similar means or not?

This was the question that really threw me for a loop. How come I don't have lists of god form traits, methods of access, likes, dislikes, interactions etc.? Don't you think that would be handy information to retain? I do. I like to write here because I get positive and negative feedback. I fail at keeping good records like this. Maybe because it is more work than fun. That and I am often disorganized when it comes to paperwork.

Initial Contact

The method of contact between the two was very different.

With the HGA, I did a lot of work with a Golden Dawn Style group. Once I purified myself enough, over a period of many years, I did Crowley's Bornless ritual daily. Because of all the previous work, it happened much faster than expected. It even occurred outside of ritual. He literally descended upon me while I was standing in line in a Wendy's. There was full contact for several days. Then it slowly faded. As I've posted previously, I do not feel my experience has been fully actualized. I know it will be. (Note: This contacted occurred at an earlier point in the work that for most folks. This may be why I could not or did not fully actualize the experience.)

The Helpful Deity is a different story. I took Jason Miller's course. As part of trying to learn to astral project, I made offerings to a spirit I first encountered in a GD rite. That spirit introduced me to the HD. 

The feeling of contact is very similar. It is overwhelming in a way. The HGA though, when I can tell he is present, offers advice and information. He doesn't do anything directly unless it is a demonstration of what I can do. The HD in constantly appearing, removing things from my life, adding things as well. There is very little personal advice giving.

One of the main differences I suppose is that my HGA talks about me. He's never spoken to me about anyone, except once to explain to me why Joe perceived me a quiet guy. When I work with the Helpful Deity in a group setting, I'm a mouthpiece and teacher. If I express discomfort with that role, It kicks my ass.

My HGA is like a deep loving friendship. I may be in love with the HD. Neither appears to have an ego problem. They don't want worship. Though they both have plans for me. These plans are not contradictory, as far as I can tell.

Coming Soon

How have they been contacted since then?  Do both have similar or different realms of power or expertise (and anything else you'd like to comment on)?

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Anonymous said...

How'd you contact the HD? Any similar method with GD magick? Or is it strictly Jason Miller's correspondence course that lead you to your HD?

And oh do HD versus HGA event or something lol. It sounds fun XD