Friday, June 18, 2010

Follow-Up to Confirmations

Patrick made a good point in the comments. It isn't that I don't know how to challenge within a given paradigm. However,  I feel that the challenges I'd use in a strictly GD format/realm may not apply here. Challenging a spirit with my highest concept of That Which Creates would be to challenge with silence and awe. I'm not sure that qualifies. "The One" doesn't have much of a ring to it. Perhaps I should challenge It with some of the symbols I know are connected to Its lore and the lore that surrounds It. Maybe that is the idea as their are higher things in a subsection of Its lore.

Simon asked why I am challenging HD now.

I believe in caution. I believe in the idea of trust but verify. I believe in checking myself to make sure I am on track. If one still remembers to check when things are smooth. I feel that one will remember to always ask the questions one doesn't want to ask. Challenging one's own perceptions is tough. Challenging one's perceptions of the divine is tougher. I think these things are necessary. As even if you're ideas are 'right', it may be you that is slipping off a bit.

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Patrick said...

You could also, of course, try gematria or isopsephia, if you swing that way.