Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Blog -- Magical Lotus

Well, I was asked to promote a new blog. Given that I've corresponded with the writer privately, I was going to add a link within my space and wait and see if I should say anything. My view on new blogs is that I want to see if they are readable and that there is sufficient posts to keep up interest. Many people make three or four posts and stop. That is okay. Blogging takes a lot of time and people have lives.

I've decided to make a special post regarding the blog anyway because his first post was very honest and open without going so far as to drop his pants in public. Not that I'm against dropping your pants in public but there is a time and a place. Usually that time and place is when I am there to watch!

His post is about recovering from magickal failure. It is a bold topic. Few that haven't f---ed up royally can understand how hard it is to say that one has done so magickally. I understand and no, I've never blogged about that...directly.

So, Karmaghna at The Magical Lotus, welcome to the blogosphere. Perhaps in time, one of us will anoint you a member of the blogging cabal. You're off to a great start.

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Karmaghna said...

Wow! I really was just seeking some advice, not a full-blown endorsement. Now I'm just a little scared that I wont live up to expectations (do other's have expectations from new un-known bloggers?). Anyway, I am truly grateful for the send off on my maiden voyage.