Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Secret Revealed

My partner and I feel that invoking the Helpful Deity more than biweekly is pushing our luck. However, she has caught the "let's do magick" bug big time or as she puts it "let's get between the worlds".

Last night, I did some ceremonial magick work to allow us to grow in our astral skills. I will have to chronical that some other time. Today, we are both wiped out physically. I feel like I worked my tail off yesterday helping someone move and then drank a tad too much beer. I don't feel like I have a hang over but I am so wiped out.

The point being was the ceremonial magick rocked. I mean it RAWKED but in a very calm sort of way. Every layer of it built upon the next. Every layer was well executed. Every name of "God" responded in an obvious way. The Universe responded like never before. The ritual was very successful. It is like a portal has been opened. 

The secret that has been revealed is that I now trust: my ability; my learning; my talent; my magick; myself. I am out of my own way. The doubts are gone. The insecurities are gone. The confidence is there but, despite this post, quietly internal. This trust is so important to my magick and I suppose everyone else's.

There was very little done differently last night than any other night that I've put a similar combination of things together. The difference was that my little self did not stop the magician self. The results were "holy $*(@" kind of cool.

Anonymous made a comment yesterday that got me to thinking that I'm giving the Helpful Deity too much credit for every little positive thing. I suppose that is in how you look at it. The money magick I did suddenly worked, not because It boosted my work, but because working with It has helped me let go of so much. Those things restrained me in the past. They restrained my magick in the past. No longer. So, when things go well should I credit the Helpful Deity? Or myself as I've really worked to let those things go and was wise enough to let It help me?

P.S. I'm not sure why but I've had more anonymous comments over the past few months than over the past few years. The tone seems to indicate different people writing them but I'm not sure.

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Jack Faust said...

This is how I see it...

That constant reinforcement of "credit" is food; but you need to take credit for you, too.

Some of the most traditional ways of showing love for a spirit or god one's working with is to dedicate a piece of art (a book, essay, novel, etc.).