Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amatuer Hour - Part Duex

I'd first like to thank all those that made encouraging comments and effectively told me to keep my chin up. That was very kind of you. Secondly, I really did try to show a sense of humor with the whole thing. While it was a major error in the technique department, for which the dumb ass label applies, I did not mean to imply that I was going to commit seppuku nor was I overly distraught. I just felt a bit foolish for missing something big and obvious.

For me the good parts are:

We've landed something quite wonderful as far as I can tell. As I spoke to Lon and revealed to him what has actually going on in circle, he told me that the words we are hearing are "spiritually very profound." I'm sure we are in a relationship with something of a positive nature.

No one has been hurt.

We are continuing to learn a lot from the Helpful Deity.

Besides all that, I actually love working with the partner and HD. There is a sense of profound peace. 

There are some comments I'd like to address:

The first group is from Faust.

"Seriously, dude. Crowley has some comments about why to make a Dagger instead of a Sword. His basic point is that air as a weapon is overly dangerous if you use it to undercut what you do."

Funny, you'd mention that. I explain this concept with the 9 of swords in my Tarot Pips lecture. You can over analyze everything and in doing so kill it. I think I was safely on the track with this one but it is a very good thing to keep in mind. Thank you.

"Do not turn to the Adepts for answers when you have everything you need right in front of you. I very much disagree that Lon's given you the/a answer."

Funny you'd mention that. That was the exact conclusion I came to this morning. It is long past time to turn to adepts so easily. That is not saying I'd discount their advice. However, Lon's been pretty good with me in the past. For him to hem and haw like that was very unusual. I was thinking that wasn't him but it was me not trusting myself.

That said, his answer did lead me to realizing my glaring technical mistake.

"As for your partner... hmm. THAT is interesting."

Me thinks that it is related to HD but to another project as well. They are overlapping. Stay tuned for more on that.

Simon Asked two questions.

"Was there anything said or done by this spirit that was deceitful?" and "Have things been going wrong lately that might due to the HD?"

The answer is no to both. Which is why I'm confident things are well.

Thanks again for all the encouragement everyone.

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