Monday, September 29, 2008


The last two nights bore watery dreams. The night before last, I was watching a small plane such as a piper cub with fixed landing gear fly low over the ocean. I worried about him being so close. Then he did several loops. The bottom of each loop forced him under the water but he just flew on as if it were nothing.

Last night, I watched as six men enter a helicopter. The craft was simply a welded frame with two props sticking out of the top. Even though I was watching from a distance, I was the last one in. Each person had some baggage. As the craft rose, mine baggage began to fall and I caught it but put myself in a very dangerous position to do so. I watched myself with such complete detachment that I am not sure that it was myself I was seeing. Then the bag fell again. Those with the me that was watching shouted to the other me to let it go but that other me literally jumped out of the craft towards the baggage and burst into flame upon descent. Some folks in odd rescue gear that allowed them to fly tried to help but I think I was dead.

Last night I was heavily medicated, yet I woke up after this dream. This forced me to remember.

A half trained chimp could figure out the symbolism in that dream. Tonight, I will invoke Scorpio in hopes of letting emotional baggage go.

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