Friday, September 12, 2008

A Change in Tone

Today proved interesting. I had to go into a meeting full of hostile folks each with their ax to grind. Others in the meeting were just there to get to work, do their jobs and go home. Frankly, I have much more respect for them as the rest can't see past their own ax. Worse yet, the ax is usually aimed at someone rather than the task at hand.

In years past, I'd take the bait when someone made some disparaging remark. This time, I conjured Asmodel as I walked down the hall. I was calm. I contributed when I needed to and then walked away just after the person leading the meeting asked for written perspectives. I wrote mine after consultation with a coworker and made a very peaceful and logical case for one perspective while not shutting out the others or saying "of course".

This is a serious victory for the angry Leo when confronted by questionable logic and hidden agendas. I usually just call bullshit in no uncertain terms. I never cared if it is an elected official or a clerk. I may gain a little more traction this way.

Other Stuff

Over the week's business trip, I did see my mentor and will blog on that sometime soon.

At the last weigh in I gained .5 pounds and this week will be worse with all the hotel food. But that is okay, someone at work noticed I was dropping weight today.

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