Friday, September 26, 2008

Odd Lucidity

I woke up feeling the dream related below was intimately related to this dream which was discussed further here.

The Dream

I was in a new house with my wife (not My Gal or my ex-wife). She was a too thin blond woman and short of stature. We had just moved in. The walls were a soft rose color which I would never have chosen. The decor was somewhere in the classical feminine range in the living areas. I awoke in the bedroom to water dripping from the ceiling and big ugly water stains near the tops of the walls.
I thought, "I have to call a plumber," then, "No, there is a problem with the ceiling."
In the classic logic of dreams, I went downstairs and looked for a hobby, went right out the front door and walked along the country roads. The thought occurred that I could pick up the trash on the sides of the roads.
I then find myself myself in a semi-industrial area near a train or subway system. I began pushing a cart down the street. The cart was of the type you may see in at a Home Depot or Lowe's for carrying large pieces of wood or sheet rock. Vertical bars eventually formed an upper rack and on that rack (i.e. over my head) were three long lead pipes. I pushed them for quite a way through city sidewalks before deciding I had gone the wrong way. I took them back to the starting point but when I got there, I was pushing a hand dolly with three black tires on it. I gave the dolly with the tires to the warehouseman and he said "Where is the paperwork for these?" I said there there wasn't any, "I had taken them by mistake." He smiled and said thank you.
I was then in the living room of the new house. There were people sitting there looking on me. One of them sat atop a book case or china hutch. He reminded me of Jason Miller and asked, "Did you lie to PH?" I become lucid in that thinking sort of way. My brain worked just as it would in waking life when considering a question out of left field. My response, "I will give you a very political answer. I don't think so but I'd be happy to talk to her about it." This resulted in laughter.
There was also a question that the person asking had a hard time forming. Apparently, I had offered to pay for repairs when someone had a plumbing problem. I was accused of not following through. I felt, but did not get a chance to say, the offer was genuine but the other person declined by failing to accept.
There was also a stranger part where I had to go up the stairs to the second floor but there was all sorts of things in my way. I had to climb over tables and eventually used an odd curved springy thing as stilts to get where I needed to go. I am not sure when that happened in sequence of things.


First, the state of mind here as in the first dream, was one of fully lucid thinking while not astral projecting. In short, I was lucid but not in a state of traveling from one location to the other nor was I aware I was dreaming.

The carrying of the three lead pipes is interesting. First of all, I wasn't really carrying them. They were not as great of a burden because I was pushing them in cart. Secondly, they were three of them and they were lead. Both of these are symbolic of Saturn, restriction and form. Given my work with Saturn here, I am not surprised to find Saturn imagery in a dream but I am surprised that the burden was not great. Perhaps my work with the Saturn angel helped to relieve the situation. The pipes turning into wheels seems like a pretty good omen. There is nothing better for moving on than a set of wheels.

The going out and looking for a hobby rather than deal with the water pouring down from the roof is a sign of emotional avoidance.

The situation referred to above is the deep anger and mistrust I have with my former coven and their religion. While that has ebbed away considerably, I can not deny it is still there. There seems little point in carrying that with me any more. Yet, I do not feel it wise to forget for two reasons. The first is that I've seen the behavior repeated. I am not convinced there is enough growth in at least one other to keep similar situations from repeating. The second is for the lessons learned.

The group scene reflects a kinder version of the kangaroo court that bounced me from the group only the people there were not mad (in several senses of the word) and they were kind. I didn't recognize any of them. The question about lying revolves around what I think more than one person did in the 'court' I faced. I am convinced of those lies because private conversations are markedly different private stances on the issue. Those who tell the truth don't have to do that. The question about PH is a bit odd though as she is a former co-worker that I've never had an issue with or occasion to lie to her. Our relationship was friendly superficial co-worker. She was always a bit guarded with me but always kind. However, the H in that name stands for a surname I have heard originated with children of Beltane revelry.

The other question is also pertinent. This thing about offering to pay for plumbing repairs but reneging reflects some magick done that I can not publish here. I understand the point and half agree.

Action Items

I like being so lucid in dreams even if I don't travel astrally. These seems to occur when I have gone to bed early enough to wake on my own rather than face the directed will of a clanging alarm clock. I shall try to go to bed earlier to facilitate lucid dreams.

I've had many dreams of water lately and the long time reader will remember that I got stuck trying to reach Hod (astral water in some systems) during a lucid dream. That water coming through the ceiling may be showing the damn is breaking. Given that and my successful work with Asmodel, angel of the fixed earth Taurus. I am going to evoke the Angel of Scorpio this weekend. If I wait, I will mix things up with the 29 straight days of ritual for the consecration of the expensive thing.

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