Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Couple of Dreams

Going to bed earlier may be helpful in trying to live a dream life. I can recall two dreams.

The first was very violent. So violent. Many crazed people that had the look of video game adversaries ran about. I suppose the the model would be the last bad guy in Wolfenstien but I could be misremembering. Many years have passed since this writer has played such games.
People were getting killed left and right. The scenes were very bloody. I didn't run. I had no fear. I simply and calmly dispatched the bad guys with a handgun. My vision was so clear that I actually saw the bullet hole I created in the last fellow.

I find two things odd. First, I remember stopping the last attacker distinctly and I think I took out more but I have no recollection of them. Also the bullet hole I created in the bad guy did not bleed at all. Yet, after giving me a shocked look, he fell.

The second dream had more meaning that I could understand.

My gal and I were in Eastern Europe visiting people she knew. They lived in a communal house with private sections which were completely open to public living areas. Each living area had a table and chairs in a one to one relationship to the private areas but anyone could walk through the common area and look into the private spaces. There was no wall to separate them.

Everyone seemed quite friendly and the women were stunned that I did the dishes after the meal. During that chore I was almost lucid but not quite. I did something to get the owner of the building mad.

I went out to a place with lots of water. There was a voice over about mighty ships and the dangers they hold. Apparently, there was some kind of great struggle between two rival shipping lines and things were getting down and dirty. During some parts of the dream, I was a giant and more or less using the ships as surf board. I could steer them but with some difficulty. Other times I was a tiny ship trying to navigate past them without getting capsized. On my way back I bought a bunch of matchbox type cars in a carrying case for the kids that lived in the building.

The owner of the building was still angry with me. She made me come in the back way. She then challenged me asking me what my positive traits were. I said that I've had the same employer for 15 years; had a deep spiritual drive; and generally treated people well. She seemed satisfied with this but still did not like me. She was waif-like but had a little meat on her bones and was a brunette. I don't recall seeing her as ugly in my dream but in writing this I a flash of a hideous face flashed into my mind.


I am pleased with the amount of detail I am able to recall. The large ships being such a danger may be a warning about dealing with the Scorpio angel. I will do that anyway but I will need to up the courage factor a little.

Writing Commentary

While this is of no interest to the reader, I have found that my efforts to be a better editor are having an effect in some small way. The spell check is revealing no errors besides proper names and idiosyncratic spellings such as magick.

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My Gal said...

Interesting on the communal houses. I stayed in similar places, but they were of Dutch manufacture.

Last night I kept having violent dreams involving the biospy stuff. Like my subconcious had released all of it's fears about what DIDN'T happen. The whole thing freaked me out and I got up. Interesting... I have a hole in my side :)