Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My Gal is taking a high end math class. She came home one day and pointed out that in math a circle that begins a line denotes a line with no origin and tied that to classic sigil creation. Note the classical style sigil in the picture. It is drawn with the beginning marked with a 'no origin' symbol.

You cabalists out there may recognize a link between this and three veils of negative existence Ain (No Thing), Ain Soph (Limitlessness), Ain Soph Aur (Limitless Light).

Can the style of these sigils be taken to imply or mean that the magick emanates from the absolute source? I don't know what our predecessors meant by using this form. However, I will know what I mean the next time I draw one.

(sigil from: http://astroqab.com/jacobwheel/images/designs/vahoiel_sigil_line.gif)
(tree of life with veils: http://uk.geocities.com/rolamelhem@btinternet.com/Treeoflife.gif)

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My Gal said...

OOOOOH talk nerdy to me!!!

Actually it is even more abstract than that. The open circle at the beginning of a segment indicates that a point is not included in that line, but everything RIGHT up to it, is. Specifically it is not DEFINED at that point, but it might exist elsewhere.

While this is leans more towards the math side there is a serious metaphysical side to it. Where the plane of math and spirituality intersect we must have something very near truth :)

I am fascinated that most of my fabulous magickal philosophers were also mathematical pioneers. They just keep asking the same questions about the universe. Coincidence, I think not :)