Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blog Goal


I have noticed over the life of this blog that I've received questions or comments both on and off line that reveal I am not fully clarifying my thoughts. Part of the reason for that is that this blog originated as personal diary. Yet, this is a very public personal thing.

Therefore I will be making an effort to fully clarify my thoughts as I write. This will make the writing more of a challenge and more time consuming. My goal is to make the blog more interesting and bring in even more constructive comments. As I like my thoughts to be challenged, I just want them to be challenged for what they are rather than what I fail to communicate. The effort will result, or so I hope, in improving my writing skills. There has long been the dream in me to write a book or two or three but besides the persistent dream only sporadic efforts have been made. Hopefully, this will continue that work in a more consistent manner.


To those that have posted recommending books or techniques, thank you. While I don't always comment on them, I do remember them. I think it was the Alchemist that advised memorizing the divine names through tree meditations rather than brute memorization. That one I took to heart though I haven't practiced it yet. I often get ideas like that from my mentor that I use at a much later date. The latest recommendation to look at Lon's work while I learn Enochian will be taken as well. Lon is very influential in my Work and is sort of an emergency mentor. When there is something that is out of my mentor's area of expertise or I want a second opinion I turn to Lon. He has always been very gracious with his time. He is one of the good guys.


Rufus Opus said...

The thing is, you write in a way that I grok completely, some days, and that leave me baffled others. While it's tempting to blame your pain medication, the fact is: I have a lot of things that clog my filters some days, and I just can't get it. It's never a perfect communion within the flesh.

But I'm glad you're going to keep clarifying. Have you noticed how much you've improved since you started?

Frater BH said...