Sunday, September 14, 2008

Adept Time and Life in General

Time with my Adept

Adept time is an interesting thing. When one is new to the initiatory journey and in the middle of deconstruction life can seem very dark indeed. It is amazing how much relief can be gained from merely being in the vicinity of the adept. The peace pervades and reminds you of why you took these drastic steps. Over time, the frequency of time needed decreases but it is still pleasant to be around your initiator and guide.

Last week, I had a chance to just that. We went over a project that I've very vaguely mentioned in this space but more importantly had a chat about other things. One of those things was the direction of my future work. Though, I must admit it was fun being on the same page with him BEFORE he started talking. This is a relatively new phenomena.

The first bit of work will be calling the other four kerubic angels. My HGA suggested and I thought it a good idea. My only concern was with how loud and consistently Asmodel appears. One of the potential problems with the goetia is obsession. If you see in this space, consistent and daily references to goetic work, you can bet my mentor will be contacting me and attempting to pull my head out of my ass or not as he sees fit at the time. Along those lines, I was concerned about becoming obsessed with the angels. His response is that he has never seen that. The usual problem is moral self-righteousness. Fortunately, I've never had that problem.

I will pause briefly to allow those who know me to stop laughing.

He advised me to continue working with angels and other spirits and even suggested the Almadel of Magick. I am pretty sure that he's never worked that one. So the suggestion is a bit puzzling.

We seem to be on the same page with the expensive project and the promotion being linked.

I have been mildly concerned with my HGA contact. I've seen some ego slipping in and a 'too close' meeting of the minds. By that I mean that his view on things is way to close to standards I've always held. My mentor agreed and particularly agreed with the specific example I gave and suggested what I am dealing with is a reflection of my HGA. In this case, I think he is both right and wrong.

My theory is that I have contact but my etheric body remains week. So, when I first speak with him, I get clear communication. When the etheric body gets tired, the ability for me to translate what he is saying becomes poor. It is always the end of conversations that result in questionable communications.

Though, there were some things that I have heard that he was quite pleased by and I think somewhat surprised.

Life of Late

Life has been a bit difficult. I've had some back issues after a long period of respite. I also expect to be incredibly busy for the next week or so. The Equinox is approaching. I am working on my Pagan Pride Day speech making significant progress today and I have to work on that project of my adepts to get it completed. Not to mention, the promotion will take up some time. I feel good about myself but I have an odd sense of tired that will not go away.

Last night, I stood under the full moon and felt how it affects me. I have no words to describe the emotion except uncomfortable pleasantness.

Last night, we were Joe's coven meeting. There was a beautiful part where Joe spoke of the adoption of his wife's daughter. Funny thing about Joe's coven. No matter how often I attend, something always gets in my eyes. There is such a simple beauty, love and trust in what they do. One can not help but be moved.

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