Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Fire

Frater RO blogged here about what he sees as the death of a Yahoo list. Without commenting on the personalities involved, I do agree with RO that the high noise ratio on that list is tiresome.

I'd like to brag about my Yahoo group, which is for magicians local to my area, but it has been deader than Abraham Lincoln for some time and no one shot it in the head.

The only reason I am even bothering to comment on RO's post is because it resonated with my Work of late. I don't think I've been concerned as much as advancing spiritually as I should. I am enjoying the peace brought to me by Asmodel but not working with it in any way except trying to keep the peace from slipping away.

Once when I felt the old me coming back, I asked Asmodel why I couldn't change myself. Why can't I put out the burning fire? He said that is like being a river and wanting not to be wet. My fire is the 9th card on a Celtic Cross spread, hopes and fears. My fire is my pure driving force and my downfall. Asmodel tends the fire and keeps it smoldering but will not extinguish the flame. Fair enough.

Is having a spirit do something for you the Work? Does that calmness represent a new form of purity or simply a mask? The mask is functional at work. In the long run though, does the mask serve a spiritual purpose?

The positive side of Asmodel experience is that I do understand the difference between active and passive will. One of the reasons my relationship with my mentor is successful is that he is very patient yet unmovable at the same time. I realized this about a week before encountering Asmodel.

I want more. I want absolute and complete unity. I want to touch to souls and heal their pains. I want to help people lift themselves up. Yet very little of my personality is suited for such things.

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