Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Promotion! A Rethought Dream - A New Dream

Today, I called the place to order the very expensive item I was directed to buy and consecrate by my HGA. Not so coincidentally, I received a call from my boss today telling me I will definitely be promoted. For those of you whom regularly read this space, Bune says he had nothing to do with it except making sure that, "It didn't not happen."

A week or so I posted this. If you haven't read it this next line won't make any sense. In that dream, I think the sign may have been held for the person I felt but wasn't there. The difference between her and the others I dealt with in the past is that she is a priestess instead of priestesses 'to be.'

Part of doing this Work is not resting with your first conclusions. Hence the need to write it all down and reread it once in a while. Preconceived notions are the work of the hinderer.

Two nights ago, I had a dream. I was with my coworker R and we were in a mountainous region. It was bright and sunny day. We were there for work only not. We were tourists. We walked into a deep cave with other tourists and she (R) walked over to a section of the cave that was lighted like a museum display. Behind class was dirt than had gone undisturbed for a very long time. R shouted after reading the plaque, "It says the bodies were buried in Washington State!" She was excited about that. The thought scared me.

We descended further and ran into walls of iron bars straight out of an old western jail. You could see wall after all of bars but it was also obvious that one could easily walk the maze and descend into the bowels of the mountain. No one else was there. I got scared and we left.

I found myself back with R in the daylight. We were in a mountain city like Lake Tahoe only this was older and nicer.

I feel this was an initiatory dream that I failed. Had I been 'ready', I'd have descended. Had I been lucid, I would have known what this was and gone for it. Fear does not stop me when I have a moment to think about it.

(Dollar sign from: http://axelstudios.com/files/money.jpg)
(Jail from: http://beautifycnmi.blogspot.com/2007/04/old-japanese-jail.html)

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