Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Expensive Coincidence

I found it odd that at each step during the process of deciding to follow the lead of my HGA and buying that expensive tool that a corresponding step towards that promotion occurred. I asked myself, how can I afford to pay for that? Immediately, I am told of the possibility of promotion. I decide to contact the company. The same day, the promotion is confirmed but the timing is not. I send the company the money and the raise is confirmed retroactive by a day. Coincidence? I think not.

Yet, my mentor tells me that he thinks I am dealing with a 'reflection of my HGA'. I'd love to argue with him but he's been proven right on the long term so often that I can't. The man has more than earned the benefit of any doubt. Yet, I have very little reason to doubt this contact besides some stray conversations that fit into my weak etheric body theory that I've previously commented upon.

I look it at this way, who cares? If my mentor is wrong and this is as good as it gets, things are pretty damn good. If he is right and there is so much more than this reflection, wow that is pretty damn gooder! I can't loose.

Wisdom dictates I follow the lead of my mentor that got me here and follow my own lead of consistent hard work. Which means I have to add Enochian to my studies. But I, he who is never happy with anything, am pretty happy with my magickal skill set for the first time in my life. I finally get content and then he pushes for more. I will do it. I am not complaining. The irony is just so apparent that I have to comment on it.

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