Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Very Expensive Thing Hath Arrived!

I am a happy camper!

Some results of last nights ritual have manifested and I've done some thinking.

First the results. Today, my first thought upon waking was of someone I don't see much. She is a friend but she doesn't enter my every day thoughts. So, when she called today and needed My Gal's support, which was freely given, I noticed the odd conjunction of thought and reality. My Gal was also having trouble and I gave her some advice and said, "Do that and they'll say XXXXXXXXXX a week from next Tuesday." Which is exactly what they said. I think some intuitional abilities were stimulated. I will see if that lasts or not.

The ritual itself was messed up but I learned.

1. The tribe names are more like spirit names in a planetary hierarchy. The proper pattern to use is, the permutation of the tetragrammaton, angel and tribe.
2. Since this was about Scorpio, I should have drawn the Scorpio sigil in the middle of the hexagram, not the planet.
3. I think Nile commentary was transitional to Osiris.
4. Osiris was there to calm down the potential screw-up of calling the lower force without a direct line of control.

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