Sunday, September 7, 2008

Readership and Blogs

Please forgive this Leo for a small ego trip and shameless self-promotion.

This blog was started five months ago. Since that time the readership has grown to over forty subscribers and, if this week's average is to be believed, 119 article reads a day. That works out to over 3,500 a month! Oddly enough that is the size of the high school I attended. Last month this same period averaged 95 article reads a day. Those numbers generally exclude bots and news aggregators. I believe I have seen regular readership from the United States, Canada, Columbia, France, and Great Britain. There have been some appearances from the Russia and Ireland as well. Those last two may be more regular than I think. To see them pop up, I have to check early in the morning. This little blog isn't going to compete with CNN or BBC any time soon but it is fun to watch the readership grow.

Those of you in the Central Valley of California may want to drop by at this year's Fresno Pagan Pride event, Saturday October 4, 2008. I don't know the time slot yet but I will be speaking there on the topic of the Holy Guardian Angel.

If you like what you've read here and haven't clicked on any of the blogs listed on the right, you may want to check them out. The best writer of the bunch is WitchDoctorJoe. The blog most like this space is Head for Red. Strategic Sorcery is about non-Wicca witchcraft and is very educational to boot. This fellow puts us all to shame as he has one book published and another on the way. The My Gal mentioned in this space has a blog here that shares her unique blend of Piscean Thelemic Druidic magic and gardening. Practically Magic is written by a "Judeo-Pagan" and has been sporting some cool images of her outdoor temple space of late.

Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

Jason Miller, said...

Its really not about non-wicca witchcraft.

Its about practical magick period.

In fact, I cant think of a single witchcraft related post off the top of my head.

I have posted about Khabbalah, Buddhism, Christianity, Ceremonial Magick, rootwork and all sorts of other things, but not witchcraft.

I am not mad at the characterization, just perplexed at it. My background is primarily Buddhism and Ceremonial Magick with Hoodoo as a close third.