Friday, September 5, 2008

Black Work - Saturn

I almost got aggressive last night and did some serious magick against someone. Like I said last night, I just don't do that sort of thing often. I settled for sealing her words that they harm me not.

In a nut shell, I did the following:
  • First Degree Opening as outlined in John Michael Greer's Circles of Power
  • Used my rainbow wand to invoke Saturn using the divine names of the planet
  • Got nervous. Over what, I have no idea.
  • I rolled up her email that started the problem and tied six strings, one for each direction around her words.
  • I made the mistake of cutting 3 inch strings to correspond with the number of Saturn. This made them hard to tie and the knot dubious.
  • I followed that mistake by using the wax from my one black candle to 'glue' the threads in place. This resulted in wax falling on my candle holder which in turn made it no longer a flat surface. You guessed it, I have black wax on my temple floor. Did I mention it has a white carpet?
  • With each string, I said "I seal the words of X so they do me no harm, may they find nothing but a dark ever rolling abyss formless luminous and void."
  • The normal banishings followed.
I take the wax spill and nervousness to mean that I still have a frustration issue to do deal with. Actually, it isn't even that, everyone gets frustrated at work. I just need to do so quieter.

At the meeting today, which included her boss. I looked good. She took a shot but it sounded pathetic. No one said a word to her comment, her words fell flat.

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