Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spirits and Nutrition

I am still under the weather. I am going to work but basically crash when I get home. If I have energy tonight, I will spend it crafting my Pagan Pride Day speech on HGAs.

Something odd happened today. I had a donut during a training session. I normally don't eat donuts or haven't since I've been dieting. The trainer was irritatingly unprepared. I began to feel my irritation well up and called Asmodel. She appeared immediately but there was an issue. She said something like, "I can't do this when you eat like that." Yet, she was effective but in a way that felt different. I could not describe the difference except to say it was more masculine than her normal methods.

So, can nutrition effect the way a spirit can effect you? If I lose another twenty pounds will I get into contact with spirits I may not have been able to reach before. Will it bar me from others that prefer heftier humans?

I've never thought about it much but I do remember my HGA telling me my extra weight effects my psychology more than I know. Soon after commencing the diet plan, Asmodel arrived on the scene and calmed my fiery self. I have no idea if nutrition effects me enough to effect the way I deal with spirits or they with me. I will keep a note of this one and see if similar things happen.

I'd appreciate any comments on this one.

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Rufus Opus said...

I don't know about diet and nutrition affecting spirituality. I've been overweight and eating poorly for years, and had great results with magic. I've also been steadily losing weight since last October when I got a dog. Dropped... 55 pounds so far. And in that time, I have seen a marked change in my interactions with the spirits.

Lavanah said...

It may not be a question of specific bodyweight. It may just be a question of the proper and weight for you as a person and a magician. Asmodel may not have a problem with someone else eating that donut, but if for you, it symbolized doing something "mindlessly" when you've otherwise put thought and effort into eating differently and losing weight, well, I can understand the annoyance.

yuzuru said...

It may be a "guardian angel" thing.

Like "I can be with you if you have decided to kill yourself".

A few minutes ago, I used a stairway so I could see if there was a problem in the pluming.

I distinctly heard the voice of my angel saying something like "oh dear, don´t do that", and then I ignore it because I was just reading a comics about angels.

Oh, well, almost fell down, and the stairway broke a window ! At least I didn´t broke a leg !


Persephone said...


I've done a lot of work with the effects of food, exercise and nutrition on my magick and spirit work. I totally find that I can do ten times more when I am very careful about my nutrition, and just as much so my exercise.

There is a filter that the desire for excess food puts on our consciousness... one that is perfectly natural, as we are wired to eat as much as we can in case of starvation, but part of our work as magicians I believe is to live according to our true will, even in defiance of our biological programming.

All my spells work better when I am on with my nutrition and my exercise, and the quickest way to raise myself out of a slump is to fix both of the above.

Also, doing physical work and using physical discipline, like restraining oneself from eating or doing strenuous exercise, seems to have the effect of moving the purely mental and spiritual into the physical realm. I have an article that touches on this I can send you if you want... it will be published in my OTO body's local magazine but if you promise not to show it to anyone, you can have an advance copy!

I will write more on this on my own blog.

Thanks as always for your excellent blog!


Frater BH said...

Persephone, thank you! My email is magicainrbhr@gmail.com. Please remove the two r's.

Megan said...

I know this post is really old, but I've been reading your blog from the beginning and really wanted to comment on this.

I've also been studying the effects of nutrition and magick. (I will also be attending school for nutrition) In a nutshell: Years ago I had a horrific diet and had little physical energy. Since I've been taking much better care of my body and health, my energy has skyrocketed. I'm also much more mentally stable and peaceful.

Check out the documentary called Food Matters. It doesn't have anything to do with magick, but it's very enlightening and informative.

Robert said...

Megan, thank you for commenting. I was about to post on this very topic and didn't realize I had done it before.

I also appreciate your loyal readership. It is nice to hear. I never know if all these subscribers actually read me or not. :O)

I will check the documentary out.