Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Beauty of Your Truth

I post a lot about my HGA and what he says to me. For those that already have contact with their HGA, Genuis, Daimon or whatever they call their spirit, this is probably no big deal. Though, for those of you that don't have this yet, it would be a really bad idea to use my experience as a guide. Things may not happen for you like they did for me. It has been my experience that my HGA speaks to me in a manner I can understand at the time. As I grow, he may say the same thing to me in a different way. Taking what I write or don't write as a standard would be problematic at best. I am learning what is the truth for me not anyone else.

This is why revealed religions cause so many problems. It is difficult if not impossible to carry someone else's truth. To do that you have to live to standards meant for someone else and for which you are not equipped. Find your own truth and live that to its fullest and most beautiful conclusion.

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