Thursday, August 30, 2012

Odd Behaviors

I am recording this in case it matters in the future.

I have been burning a lot of purification scents of late. I have no idea why but I keep doing it. This could be because I am under some sort of attack. I can only think of one person that may be that irritated in my direction that is capable but it would be an action that is well beneath that person's development. So, if that is the case, why did I just post that instead of keeping it to myself? Yes, why indeed.

The other thing is that I am working to get rid of something within. I have no idea what that could be.

I have noticed something else. Very often when I am working on healing or soul readings and I am working to pull some realization through so I can share it with my client, I am rubbing or gripping my right calf muscle. I will rub my leg as I speak.

No, I have no clue what that means. My only wild ass guess is that I am trying to ground the energy enough to allow it to make sense to the rational mind.

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