Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meaningless Ramblings

I tell you now the seeker of light or the magician stuck wandering outwardly confident but fearful within or the ordinary human with spiritual aspirations looking for a place to start -- what you hide in fear of judgement of others is not what you should fear but the need to hide who you were or are. For it is only in ridding oneself of fear that one can progress. It is fear in which you live.

Others already know who you are, even if you deny it or they deny it for you. All has been revealed. All is always revealed. The truth shines forth from inert black rocks.

It is the hiding that is your cage! Your embarrassment your self-created prison! Escape is easy but you will not, cannot, until you release the fear.

Releasing the fear is easy. Tell people who you are. Yet you cannot. Why can you not?

Because the social structure teaches us to pretend we are perfect. After all, we all pretend not to see and bolster each others lies. What you do not know is this falsehood is a truth. We are all perfect but we hide that by hiding. So simple the truth is. So simple to progress.

Were you stupid, hurtful, criminal? Did you lie, cheat or steal? Are you a fraud, a deceiver?

These things become a false identity. They become the you that is revealed by your very hiding. The direct facts may be unknown but you are everyone. You cry and scream that it is not me but it is, it is.

You can release yourself but the only way is down. Down down the rabbit hole until you know that down is up. The illusion you crafted of perfection, holiness, superiority or whatever your chosen mask may be is really down masquerading is up. It is left pretending to be right. It is fear casting the faintest illusion of hope, which you grab onto with all your might. Yet what you hold is the weakest reflection of who you are. It is a pale distortion rendered by brackish waters in poor light.

You are more.

It isn't the deed but the hiding. It isn't life but the dying.

Reveal yourself in gross glory and sleekest shame. The illusionary garment will drop to the floor and you will see that it was never real protection from the bitter cold but its frigid creator.

You are more. You are warm. You are an Immortal Soul.

When you hide, you only mask this truth from yourself.

But why oh why do you do so?

Fear again fear again. It is the sense of self confused by so-called misdeeds that were perfect in every way. Perfect examples of who you were but are now no longer. Perfect examples of manifesting spirit confused by the material realm, money, power and genitalia. Perfect examples of how you are part of the plan and have been for an eternity that only lasts an instant.

Wrong doing is IMPOSSIBLE.

We see and feel and live and the experience of suffering and see a cause in another's action. Barbarian! Yet suffering is almost the point. Suffer more until you know. Until you know that nothing matters. Nothing matters at all. This is what suffering is meant to teach. Nothing matters. Do not see nihilism in the Nothing. NOTHING matters when nothing matters.

No-thing. No thing matters for larger values of thing. For things are more than objects. They are ideas, emotions, perceptions. No-thing matters.

When you learn that, you'll learn the core illusion behind the mask you wear, the need to hide what you were what you are. When you learn that, that nothing matters, you come to learn why. It is obvious and beautiful and stunning and whole complete in its simplicity.

You are you and You both are One. Slice it dice it all you want but you are One. In that One there is nothing to hide at all. In that one the things we do the things we hid and hide serve only to open one more petal of the closed flower that is our soul.

Our soul because we are One. There is no difference.

Release the fear by dropping sheer garment that conceals nothing from anyone. It simply reveals your inner illusion. Drop it and become real for real you have always been...even in hiding.

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Rose Weaver said...

Thank you for this post! I was struggling with an encounter I had with an old friend, and what I learned during that encounter, on the 24th; four years after an event which changed my life, to the day; and two years after I was asked to leave my home because the other no longer wanted the "relationship"... the work I did to tear down my tower had worked incredibly well, but the fallout follows me still.

Your words have helped a great deal. I thank you.