Thursday, August 23, 2012

Intense Dreams, Acceptance and Magick

My internet service is nearly restored.

My spiritual life has focused on two things, acceptance and dreams.

The acceptance is for the healing that my friend the Psychic performed for me. She says she removed some blocks from my heart chakra. I am doing a lot of meditation to accept that and not let those blockages reappear. This has resulted in a couple of interesting modes of awareness.

First of all, my dreams are much more intense and memorable. Three is nothing fascinating enough to report there, except that vivid intense dreams are cool. 

Secondly, in my work to keep that chakra open my Soul is telling me that chakras work can be done for others for me but I should focus on what I know. They are different systems. This is a bit frustrating. Next time, I plan to ask if it is okay if I study that system and then work it as well. My guess is the answer will be no. That is unfortunate, I like those intense dreams. So, what will replace that?

Well, funny you should ask. 

Remember how I said I was going to repeat walking all those paths? Well, I am to walk the paths surrounding Tipereth.  That will keep that gateway open. Before you ask if that is wise? The instructions come from my Soul. I trust that source.

Lastly, my soul instructed me in creating thought-forms with the Manifestation Meditation last night. I am not fully sure why. Magick is not on its list of priorities or should I say never has been. The first one was meant to manifest in external information being provided to me. It appears this information appeared today but from within. I am not sure. 

If so, an external methodology is being hinted at by showing the workings of the internal method.

The thought form was to bring me a recommendation of a new fictional author to read. My Soul suggested a spiritual work but I wanted fiction. So today, I felt the need to by a new book. Using my Nook, I bought a book. It is a fantasy book called The Book of Deacon. Within that book was a quote on being a holy man. It struck me as a clue. Funny, even Souls have an ironic sense of humor. 


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Yvonne Chireau said...

what a great relationship you have with the higher self, it brings me to tears. Jealous!