Thursday, August 23, 2012

Healing for Weight Loss

There are times when I am frankly amazed at the level of trust people put in me.

Tonight, I did a weight loss session for someone I did a soul reading for. I'd refer to her by the nickname for that but I have no idea what that was.

She asked me to help with losing some weight and the physiological causes of her being unable to do so. At the moment, she is on a slow weight gain. So, we are trying to reverse that and get on a 2 pound a week weight loss track. She is also working with naturopath, a method of work I had never heard of.S She is also diabetic.

I did the following:

1. I saw a type of energy as green dots as expressing her desire to eat better. This I extended into her subconscious pleasure centers so that she was happy and received pleasure from eating for fuel rather than pleasure. In the subconscious, I found a longing or fear of losing access to the food she has always liked. I removed that in part. I didn't think doing it all was healthy.

2. I saw energy around her digestive tract that seemed to be her body absorbing as much calories as it could. It seemed healthy. I didn't want to remove that. So, I simply toned it down in a way that I can tone it back up later if need be. I am less worried about doing this for her as she is claiming to be eating in a very nutritious way.

3. I removed a little annoying fear bubble born of the idea that she'd starve to death if she dieted.

4. I did the same type of healing I have done for my diabetic friend to increase the body's to absorb insulin. Oddly, her body would not allow me to do the lower part of her left arm.

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