Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Loving My Clients

In the comments from yesterday's post, Yvonne asked if I love my clients.

In the moment of healing, I love them in a very detached sort of way. I have seen the inner reflections of some very very bad behavior and I don't care. If someone told me they did these things, I may have serious time being friends with them but when I see them in that mode, I simply see it from a cosmic place and do not care. I care for the entire human so completely that past acts matter not at all. Even when I return to normal awareness, that knowledge has no impact.

So, there is a great deal of love there but it is often impersonal from a earthly perspective. From an earthy perspective, I'm more likely call it compassion. I have so much of that that it even surprises me. I am often a hard ass. There are many people that only see me as that. Though, I am much less of one lately.

This brings me to the Three of Swords, Lord of Sorrow.

I have often interpreted this card as joyful sorrow for a job well done. For instance, a mother putting her child on a plane to fly off to college. This is really a great success but it is still painful for mom. Now, I feel it regularly as the pain of the world. I often feel deeply saddened and compassionate for the pain in the world I see every day or don't see but know is there.

This is not troubling at all.

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