Saturday, August 25, 2012

Soul to Soul Healing

This post will cover a few topics.

  • Soul to Soul Healing
  • Weight Loss Healing
  • Blood Glucose
  • Brain Mapping
  • Healing Services

Soul to Soul Healing

I am friends with a Charismatic Catholic. This person is very devout and describers herself as a "Child of Jesus." She belongs to a prayer group that prays to Jesus to heal those who request their aid. This woman has qualities that I deeply admire. She is compassionate, friendly, always laughing and very dedicated to her faith. She is also non-judgmental regarding other faiths.

Giving my long history of sleep difficulty, I asked her to say her prayers to help me sleep. I have been sleeping better ever since. On some nights, I sleep better than I have in years. There may be other healing going on as well. I am going to keep that to myself at the moment.

It is her belief that she does nothing and that Jesus is the only reason for the healing she does. This confuses me. Since she worships an omnipotent, omnipresent and all knowing god, I am at a loss to know why this sort of prayer is necessary. Wouldn't "G-d" know who needed healing? Why would He need someone to pray for that healing?

She has some answers to that but what starts logically moves to emotional reasoning and leaps of faith. I don't mean to be dismissive of these things but faith that requires one to put all logic aside is dubious to me. That said, I cannot deny what she does works as far as healing goes. If her faith is also the cause of who she is, it works well there too.

I have a different theory for the healing part. Of course, this is borne of my healing activities and my viewpoint.

I think that when one inflames the soul like one can do with ecstatic prayer, the Manifestation Meditation, or other religious/spiritual activity the abilities of the soul open up and can be used for a variety of purposes. This explains a major conflict that I have had with Christianity. I have never understood how a god that bills himself as the Prince of Peace could answer the prayers of hateful nut jobs. Well, maybe he isn't. Maybe those hateful nuts are simply inflaming parts of their souls and that energy is doing the work.

If that is true, I cannot help but feel sorry for those people. The internal misery that must cause must be horrifying. I reach this conclusion because when I read souls human misery is often the result of a conflict between one's true Soul Nature and one's behavior.

This is not to say that gods, including Jesus, are not capable of interceding in the lives of humans. It is just a theory based on my experience and the experience of an obviously talented Christian healer. I would rather believe that than believe that Jesus is so horrible as to answer the prayers of people to harm others while at the same time billing himself as the Prince of Peace.

My Pagan experience is that gods always act according to their nature. I am not aware of a god lying on that massive of a scale. The godly way seems to be to tell the truth that isn't quite interpreted correctly by the listener.

This is by no means the end of my issues with Christianity. However, it is a straw that I may be able to grab onto. We will see.

Weight Loss Healing

Two people have come to me to aid with weight loss. Of course, I am will to channel my efforts into anything that helps someone be more healthy. I am also aware that weight loss drives a multi-billion dollar a year industry that is obviously a failure. Even successful weight loss is often followed by gain in excess of that which was lost.

We will see what I can do.

Blood Glucose

My pre-diabetic friend is maintaining his blood glucose level at 110! I am thrilled. I really want to open up that  sheath in his legs. I do not believe I reached that point. Maybe we can get it down to the 'normal' of 100.

Brain Mapping

The aneurysm client I have been working with has regained his balance. I researched what part of the brain helps with that. I learned that part is the cerebellum. I learned exactly where that is located in the brain. I cannot say that part is any where near where I have worked. Either, I stimulated blood flow or a part of the brain that can compensate or it is a complete coincidence. His wife is confident it was my help. I see no reason to doubt that but I have no idea why what I did would impact that part of his brain.

Healing Services

I am gaining confidence that this will grow into something that will suppliment my retirement long term. I think that is because this week I have been contact by three repeat clients. That must mean that people are receiving value for their money.

It also gives me more confidence that I am truly helping the friends I work on gratis. I no longer allow doubt that says they are just being polite.



I am wondering if the doubt I was trained to have is cultural, as our culture claims not to believe in magick even when they are doing it. Doubt could also be the result of a natural barrier that one must overcome regardless of the culture. Doubt could also have been personal insecurity. Whatever that is, I no longer have it. I no longer doubt.

I still have a lot to learn. I want to help completely and repeatedly cure people from what ails them. Someday. Someday.


Yvonne Chireau said...

You are wondering about the same things I wonder about, re: Christianity. Especially as devout former Christian. This is very helpful.

I also wonder, if The Jesus is a powerful thought-form/spirit, what is its nature? This is apart from the entity known as Jesus. There is a lot of power inherent in the former - centuries worth of prayers, egregoires, etc. Humans created this. It just does not seem to be very specific or coherent in the intent. I wonder what the purpose/energetic orientation of this thought-form/spirit/being is? Do you think there is a family of spirits known as Jesus?

Robert said...

I have posited that all the misdirected prayers to Jesus, and by that I mean prayers to Jesus uttered by those that do not understand, make it to the lower astral via faith. Eventually, all that energy coalesced into a reactionary force that responds to most any prayer.

Thus, the incorrect among us live within the illusion of connectedness and that which is the real Jesus remains above, responds to and comforts the correct, for lack of a better term.