Sunday, August 26, 2012

Touching the Neschemah

The fundamental nature of truth is that you are living it.


There is no life and death; there is simply being.

There is no good and bad; there is now.

The way to connect with "G-d" is to understand there is no disconnect.

Last night, the above thoughts raced through my mind as I made an attempt to connect with the neschemah. This is not the Greater Neschemah but the Lesser. It is the part of us that is connected to all things. While Binah (the 3rd Sephiroth) results in the ultimate definition of the individual, it must also be the link to ALL else.This is the Lesser Neschemah as I understand it at the moment.

There were many more such thoughts. I learned that what my mentor emphasized, that two competing things are reconciled by a third thing, is very true. Yet, what I did not know is that third thing may appear to be in a different category altogether. There is no good and bad only now. Now is the reconciler.

In order to understand that, I had to be exposed to an entirely different, more cosmic, sense of now. Now exists all at once. All now is happening at the same time. It may help to think of soul awareness to exist at a single point with time adding height, not length. Now, is also extremely microcosmic, personal. At the same time, everyone else is living in their now. All those nows continually occur at once.


I misunderstood the person with diabetic neuropathy when I lasted posted of him. He has now gone from a $300 a month medical marijuana user to no use at all.

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