Thursday, August 2, 2012

Got Zapped Healing and Clarification

When I worked on the pre-diabetic last night, I asked to see what caused the cause of the problem. I saw that...and a lack of vegetables. I sought to heal the cause of the cause rather than the cause. I focused on an arm. Why? Because that is always what I see first with him. When I opened the flow, I got serious feedback. I let myself off the chair and lay on the ground as I continued the flow. I am not sure if he couldn't take the energy or I couldn't channel it.

I changed the tune to let his insulin flow as I did before and the numbers reflected success this morning.


Some back channel discussion about yesterday's post has revealed that I left the impression that I was lamenting my life or playing down my abilities and the like.

I was trying to show that people's lives lead them to certain places. For instance, Zee Budapest riled up the Pagan community over the last couple of years with her intolerance. That intolerance came from her life experience. Yet that drove her to do some things of great value to others. The fact that so many disagree matters not.

My life has lead me to heal. I am not sure that is a greater place that Zee. It is more generally socially acceptable but that, my friends, is a lousy measure of spiritual virtue.

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