Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun Soul Reading

I did a soul reading tonight. It was fun.

I think it was fun because this person has a pretty clean soul and a perfectly clear automatic personality. I've never seen the latter. The second reason is because she has a gnome for a friend and I found the gnome friendly and quite funny. I literally cracked up. There is something I find really special at being on the astral

Something did happen that was unusual. She asked for some healing in a given area and I couldn't in the mind set I was in at the time. I suggested that, if she found the reading to be of value, that we could arrange a healing session at some later date. In this state, I kind of feel like one of those fortune tellers that tells you that you are cursed and for only another $500 it can be removed. That isn't how it is but I sort of feel that way.

Healing Myself

I had done a lot of work for quite some time. I didn't feel tired. I didn't feel that I was extending myself. Then my back decided to go south. It wasn't horrendously bad but bad enough that I wouldn't feel comfortable working on another unless it was an emergency. I really wouldn't do anything that I was being paid for in that state.

It seems my body slowed me down to recharge but I am back and working again. It appears I've picked up a another client from across the pond.

I have come to some conclusions about life but I know I am not getting the last bit of the lesson. I tried to do the MM to get that last bit but I was told not to. The reason was that I shouldn't do it at night as it will upset me and keep me from sleeping. That made sense. What I didn't know is that on that night my friend the Psychic was working on me on another issue. Maybe I was shut down for that reason.

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