Saturday, August 4, 2012

Healing Scary and Fun

Healing is interesting work.

Last night, My Gal, had an odd eye issue in which she described her peripheral vision in one eye as being like an LSD trip. She also had massive allergies. I found the former most concerning. Immediately, I saw a flaring nerve that I assumed was the culprit. I calmed it down. She reported improvement.

Later in the night, it got worse. So, I told her to think of being very receptive to my work and went in again. In order to help her focus, I worked on the allergies that were keeping her from breathing and forcing her to sleep on the couch. I fried the mucas with fire and then washed the area with water. Simpe stuff that.

Then, I worked on the eye. This time, I skipped the nerve and looked for a source of the nerve problem. I am not going to describe what I saw because I do not want her to focus on the image and cause a reoccurrence.  However, I will say that I could feel it when she was cured. I am learning that when I merge with people to heal, I can feel their physical bodies at times. This can be a great aid to healing. I just haven't worked it all out yet.

She awoke just fine. Today, I made it very clear that if that happens ever again she is to report to a doctor immediately. Then she can call me.

And now for the fun part...

As mentioned the other day, I worked on my friend the Psychic the other day. Today, I received this text, "I am well. I'm feeling the healing effects more the past two days. Thank you. My soul feels calm. A significant change."

How cool is that! "My soul feels calm." Can a healer hear anything better than that besides, "Here, have a chocolate chip cookie."

And now for the learning tidbit...

The other day, I worked on the prediabetic. I felt a good bit of distrust and saw his guardian. Part of the benefit of knowing you are there to do good is that you can blow past these things. No one puts up a guardian whose job is protecting oneself from good things and friends. The healing was just as effective as any other I did for him.

I told him about that and the next time he was so open, loving and trusting that it was an extra pleasure to work on him. I am now advising people to spend a few moments opening up to me before I arrive.

Funny thing about the prediabetic. Those who know our history wonder how we can be friends as some time ago there was an unfortunate incident that involved some poor judgement on the part of more than two people.

The reason we are friends is because we never hid anything, lied to each other or tried to avoid responsibility. We talked. We looked each other in the eyes and talked. There was no hiding before, during or after. When we hurt each other we apologized very honestly and without reservation. We then accepted each other's apologies because it was obvious they were honestly made and felt. There was no equivocation and no going to third parties denying the apologies and acceptance of responsibilities.

This is the way people who are confident in their own motivations interact. It is sad more people  cannot act in such a way. The upside is that it is one of the better lessons I have learned. Have integrity and befriend those with integrity. It is as simple as that.

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