Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some Theurgic Ideas


I worked on My Gal's cold today. I utterly failed to get result.

The prediabetic's blood sugar is staying down and did so for 24 hours without my working. There is still for me to do.

Something else:

As a theurgist, I am always looking within. I don't think this a bad thing. Though, I am the first to admit that after a time significant introspection can drive one a bit batty. I have recently realized a couple of things.

1. In order to perceive the other correctly, one must remove oneself entirely from the equation. There is a level of detachment necessary.

2. Most of the time, this is impossible.

3. When it is possible, great insight occurs.

4. The theurgist burns his impurities at the sacred fires of the great athanor.

5.  The danger on this is a focus on the impurity and a failure to notice the purity.

6. It is necessary to remind oneself of one's virtues and accompanying deeds.

7. It is also necessary to have a mind not to pat oneself on the back for these things while still remaining cognisant.

I am not sure if the latter parts are necessary for theurgy directly but they are for one's sanity. Failure to do be aware of one's virtues in an imbalance that cannot be sustained.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

When is detachment possible, and when is it impossible? I know this might just apply to you, but this is a useful insight for me.

pls answer off-blog if you like.