Sunday, August 26, 2012


I am sorry for multiple posts in a day of late. I am not trying to flood your inboxes. I just felt the need to publicly declared what it is in capital letters.

As you can likely tell from my last two posts something is happening with me. I am brushing against a greater awareness. By that, I do not mean a greater awareness than you just a bigger one that I have had. This does not feel like a small shift but a big one.

I do not feel like I am becoming a different person but I feel like I am becoming a different person.

I have notified my friend Bert to keep an eye on my going off the rails. I talked myself into being a bit scared. This is habit. It is wise as one is learning to have friends keep an eye on you. Someone needs to reign you in  when you are about to go off the rails and do damage to others. I am not about to do damage.

Fear is failure so be thou without fear for he the shakes and trembles at the flames and the floods and the shadows of the night, hath no part in the divine light. - Golden Dawn Neophyte Initiation Ritual


I am excited.

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