Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Odds and Ends

Gray Dream

The other day I had a dream in a gray. The very air itself and everything I could see was gray. I was sitting at a gray table with a pack of gray tarot cards. The gray people around me were all beings of a higher order than myself though I wouldn't call them angelic, they were more like personifications of tarot cards but they didn't look like anything I've seen in a card.

My father was there in spectral form. The tarot reading was about to announce his death and everyone knew it.

My father is pushing 80 and a lifetime diabetic. So, being aware his time draws nigh isn't a surprise. I see him often but just in case, I made sure to have dinner with him tonight. We had a great chat.


At work today, someone I needed to talk to was in a conversation and knew I was waiting for her. The conversation was not work related as far as I could tell. She had her back to me. I thought my own name in her direction. She immediately turned her head to look at me. Then she turned around and continued the chat. I did it again and she turned again, moved closer to the door but then turned and continued to talk. This happened about six or seven times. Each time she had an immediate reaction. This was no coincidence as was pretty cool.

I tried to do the same a bit later in much different circumstance. It didn't work. I'm not sure if it was the situation or my lack of emotion the second time. I am not really sure the mechanism of success the first time.

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