Monday, May 24, 2010

Oiy! That Goetia

As many readers know, I have a couple of goetic spirits in my employ. One of them is one of the household protections.

Sometime ago, I gave a key to some friends from my GD group so they could conduct a class while I was out of town. The perfectly good key, did not work in a perfectly good lock. It worked for me both before and after the event. I had tested it. I wondered at the time if that was because those persons didn't live here or if there was someone among them that wasn't friendly towards myself. I wondered but I didn't do any probing.

That same spirit helped me to create a trap for those that may try to astral project into my house. Frankly, I find the trap scary nasty. At that time of the working, I excluded two people from the blacklist. So, some time after that construction, a very experienced astral projector and I were going to experiment. She was going to enter my house astrally and I would just see if I could pinpoint where and when she arrived. She never got in. I will not reveal what she saw but she did say that if she tried to get through that, she'd have been hurt. I am glad I went with an experienced traveler. I felt bad enough that there was even the potential for harm to an invited guest.

This is when I started getting concerned because I told the spirit to let her in for the purposes of the experiment. Either she too didn't have my best interest in mind or the place was locked down tighter than I expected and it is out of my easy control to loosen it up.

That spirit also prevented someone from astral projecting out. That was never part of the deal until you remember that he was commanded not to let anyone in and the would be traveler would have had to come back! 

Today, My Gal was going to come by when I was at work to pick up some of her things she left behind when she moved out. I couldn't find my spare key. So, I planned to leave my back door and screen door open. First thing this morning, I literally opened both doors to make sure they opened. She couldn't get in. The deadbolt was locked. There is no way I left this house with that locked. I had forgotten to tell the spirit to let her in.

The hard question I have to ask myself is this, do I surround myself with untrustworthy people? It is conceivable that three people that I would trust in my house alone, aren't that trustworthy. That would suck, but you have to ask yourself questions that push you past your preconceived notions, of what you want to believe or been conditioned to believe when working magick.

I know I used a phrase like, do not let people in that do not good intentions towards me. However, that would bar neutral intentions too. The problem is that I didn't write down what I commanded the spirit to do. Dumb Ass! Rule 1: Write it down. Simple. Right? It could simply be a poor command that I will have to modify. I will have to talk with the spirit in question.

So, I need to remember to give permission to the spirits if I want to let someone in my home. I need to go ask that spirit why this is happening and be prepared to hear something I may not want to hear. I need to remember to write these things down.


Jhonn Barghest said...

I would also entertain this hypothetical situation:

Let's say that you start doing (possibly dangerous) things that are causing problems around you, for yourself, and for other people. You may not notice it, or see it in that way. However, a trustworthy friend may notice this, and like trustworthy friends do, they may try to figure out what how to put a stop to whatever you're doing (without hurting you). The Goetic spirits may see this as bad intentions towards you when the intentions of this friend may be for your good and the good of everyone in your sphere. Just a thought I had while reading this entry.

Like I said, this is just a hypothetical scenario. I'm totally not saying that I think that you're doing something bad or that your friends think that you're up to no good.

Frater POS said...

An excellent thought. Again, not to belabor the point but one must think some hard thoughts in this line of work.

Jack Faust said...

Funny you posted this. I had a similar trap over the old house. It had to be taken down after a fashion because of a few of the workings we (my friends and I) were doing, and having such a thing in place would mean people trying to use the same tech would get snapped up in something nasty.

But what I've discovered is that the harder you lock a place down, the more strained it tends to become. Things within the containment build up if they aren't dealt with, occasionally even mimicking psychic assault. My experience here is waves of nightmares hit those inside as the wards strain to keep what's in, in, and what's out, out.

As such it's always a good idea to have a small area where something can stick it's hand in. You want that weak point so when things come through, they'll aim for that. If, instead of warding it you instead put a nice little astral alarm spirit, something drops then they'll almost always hit the "astral buzzer." I find this much better than immediately smacking or trapping potential visitors, especially if you're cranking out material for the general public, which they may become in sympathy with and thus become in sympathy with you (allowing for accidental incubatic dreaming).

Gordon said...

The last time I tried something like this was in a share house in Auckland.

It became impossible to find new flatmates. So I took it down and just had to put up with random interloping beasties.

As well as a string of annoying flatmates.

Frater POS said...

I haven't experienced any problems save the one I described.

asraiya said...

you haven't experienced any problems? You haven't experienced ANYTHING! you should probably trust you feelings/intuition of what or who you trust will respect your space over that of something that doesn't seem to respect your intend to bring something inside your temple to work with it it's energies/learn from it then this spell or demon/spirit/critter.. whatever is working against you!! could even be manipulating you!?! if it won't let your friends who have permission in then it's probably not letting your angel/spirit (HGA) guides in either!!?!