Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beltane, Gods, Words

I spent this Beltane weekend with my friends in Bakersfield.

I must say that overall devotional holiday rituals don't really work for me. The Druid and his soon to be wife run this circle and do a fine job. He helped me out when he said when I do holiday rituals he uses one paradigm and when he does magick another. To a ceremonial magician, ritual is magick. And now for me, life is magick.

I've been doing some work with the Greeks in a very wild and loose form with startlingly great results. The nearly continuous awareness of this new form in my life has been quite startling in a good way.

That awareness helped me to find the gods hanging around the ritual. Frankly, they were not as present as I'd like but to say they were not there would untrue. So, to those that think the offerings, the promises and the words spoken are pro forma and meaningless, think again, They hear you.

My offering was thus, "I offer to Pan, Hecate and Hermes my speech for one year." So, dear readers, if you see some odd things here over the next year, you'll know why. As I type those words, a thought occurred to me about my last post and Kenaz's comments on this post. Stay tuned.

The Druid asked me to be the seer and do a one card tarot reading for the group.  I have never done such a thing before. He gave me enough latitude to have some fun with it, which I did. I remember the card drawn but not much of what I said. When he commented on it this morning he said it was good that you did X. Frankly, I didn't remember do it or much of anything I said in the reading. I suspect the words were accurate for at least one member of the group if not all in their own ways.

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