Friday, May 7, 2010

Fire of Earth

A couple of weeks ago, someone invoked the Helpful Deity into me. I thought the experience more powerful my partner for this exercise than to me. As time past, I realized that my magick was drained. It was as if my etheric body had no energy at all. On consulting with said co-worker, I learned the feeling there was the same.

As I've said the Helpful Deity has been here with me as a mentor. HD told me to go outside and draw the earth through me and I would heal. I did. I immediately saw my aura strengthening. I could see an etheric body and an astral one but I didn't feel very refreshed. Today, I did the same and now I feel all right. Part of me is still drained but I am getting stronger.

I thought of doing something in my backyard to honor this deity. It told me, "Honor me not, live in honor instead." It told me that I've connected with both above and below, now was the time to act and none would bar my way. My will, I am told, is fine and true. It is my actions that are wanting.

I have been instructed to dig a hole in the earth and build a small fire of twigs within this night. I am to watch said fire. This I will do and report any results I can in this space. Odd though, that I tried to talk the deity out of it. Can't I do this tomorrow? I think this proved its point.

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