Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jason MIller's Classes

As I've stated here previously, I am taking Jason Miller's classes. I thought I'd report on progress so far.

So far, not so good and completely awesome.

I will swear by his course  work and encourage all of you to buy it and work his system, if you're interested in practical magick in any way. It is really good stuff.

The not so good part is that I am having a hell of a time being disciplined about it. I'd have great results no doubt if I simply did the daily work. For some reason, I do not. I cannot say if this is due to all the changes that have been going on internally or simply because I am a lazy ass or if it is because I have some fear of progress. I simply make the statement that my discipline has been seriously lacking.

The awesome part is that I did something that wasn't supposed to happen until quite later in the process. That thing led to the deity that helped my resolve my issue. So, even if my discipline within the course never rights itself, I've certainly received more than my money's worth. And I did find that which I heard when I did the self-initiation from lesson. During that initiation, I was told I would find freedom and this did occur.


Jason Miller, said...

Thank you for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

so, did you ever become more disciplined in your practice?

i'm having this same trouble, wherein i *want* to do the work but am not, to the point that my life has become significantly more complicated since i started the beginning feri course i'm taking. i'm trying to figure out if this means i'm supposed to find something else, or leave off spirituality for now, or something else.